You Can Change the World

Start with the heart. I see repeated posts telling ‘friends’ that if they feel differently, support other causes or candidates, to go ahead and delete, because they don’t want to be friends with someone who…FILL IN YOUR REASONS (they seem to be endless) HERE.

However, if you truly want to create a valid, positive change in the world around you, it won’t come through hatred, demeaning, and bullying. All those things do is stir up anger and fortitude. TRUE change comes in being friends ALSO with those you don’t agree with, so that they can see your positive change in the world around you and change themselves.

Fruit is the evidence of your work.

Do you produce encouragement, love, and unity? Good fruit.

Do you produce discourse, hatred, and strife? Bad fruit.

As far as telling someone to ‘hit the delete’ on being friends if they don’t believe what you believe…

One, you know where the button is: delete the people that you want to.

Two, no one…and I mean NO ONE… will feel the same way you do about EVERYTHING, which is what makes us all so incredible and unique.

Three, in doing so you may be cutting off the only feed that person will ever hear your opinion on.

I’m observing that many people don’t want to CHANGE the world, to truly change the world for the better, they only want to BEND the world to their own thoughts or beliefs.

Unfortunately, that is not how TRUE change in the hearts of people happens.

Respect isn’t something you’re given or gain through fear, it’s something valuable you are given or gain through earning someone’s deep admiration as a direct result of your abilities, qualities, or achievements.

Achieve greatness today. Love others where they are as God loves us.

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