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About Michelle Jester

Michelle Jester is a former Crisis Counselor and Public Relations Consultant, in conjunction with working in publishing for twenty-plus years. Apart from her full-time publishing career, she devotes her time to writing. An author of fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books, Michelle is also a contributing author to the bestsellers, My Labor Pains Were Worse Than Yours and Banana Pudding and Other Sticky Situations. Her fiction novels, published through RopeSwing Press, include Burn Me, It Never Occurred to Her, Stop Me, Two Thousand Lines, Love, Cutter, and The Funeral Flower. Michelle released the children’s book, Grasshopper Eye and the Lost Vial, through Yellow Duckie Press on the same day as Two Thousand Lines. It is featured in the contemporary novel, however is a stand-alone publications for a younger audience. Since then, she has released three additional children’s books in the same Hollows on the Bayou series: Ruby Rabbit and the Flower Garden, Duckums Family and the Alley Forest, and Charlie Chimpanzee and the Circle Tree. Along with publishing under her true name, she uses several unrevealed pseudonyms.


Continuing to write several professional and personal blogs, Michelle also contributes articles for independent publications. She has compiled some of her articles, blog posts, letters, and other writings in nonfiction books titled: Umbrella When it’s Raining, Stop Playing the Part and Back Here Again. Focusing on helping others realize their dreams of writing and publishing their book, she has launched the series,  How to Write, Publish, and Market Your Book. 


In 2007, she received the Louisiana Distinguished Civilian Service Medal for her work with military and their families. She has served as Public Relations manager and volunteer to non-profit organizations geared toward helping Veterans of war. Michelle is a self proclaimed hopeless romantic who lives in Louisiana with her husband, high school sweetheart and retired Army Master Sergeant.


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