Society’s Price Tag

Don’t let society’s view of worth put a price tag on your head. Nothing you own or don’t own and no job predicates your worth. We each have a place and without one another, we truly cannot fulfill our own destiny.

Some people will find absurdity when they read that; especially the arrogant ones. The ones who will think that statement to be absurd because they truly feel they’ve made it without anyone. They don’t think of all the people in their life that aid them in fulfilling their own life. From garbage collection, farmers, bankers, servers, housekeepers, lawyers, grocery store associates, marketers, truck drivers, warehouse workers, delivery persons…the list is endless.

Today, take the time to acknowledge, even if only in your own mind, how many people have to work to help you.

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Do you have electricity? You may be thinking “yes, but I pay for it,” and sure you do, but no amount of money would matter if there weren’t a host of people working to provide it. And how do you pay for it? Do you have a job? Who makes sure you have one? Do people buy from you? Then they all are a part of your purpose. Do people work to fulfill an order that people buy from you or your company? Then they also help you fulfill your purpose, and vice versa.

We are all on the beautiful machine of life together, aiding one another. NONE of us are more important than the other.

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My BIGGEST pet peeve is when someone says they’ve made it all on their own. There are rare situations in the world where people are one hundred percent self-sustained. They cut their own trees to make a house. They live without electricity. They go to a body of water to collect what they need from nature. They hunt for food, clean it themselves, make a fire to boil their water and cook their food. They harvest seeds from other plants and they grow their own vegetables. They don’t own cars, don’t need gas, and literally are self-sustained. However, that is extremely rare.

Also, there are areas in the world where people are extremely poverty-stricken. I’m not talking about American poverty levels; I mean have-nothing-poverty. Those areas rely on others to help them and thankfully there are many organizations, around the world that do those jobs. (If you are looking to support any of those organizations a few great ones are: ) Still, each of those people in their communities serves a purpose. Larry’s been to places where poverty is overwhelming, yet he has said those are some of the best communities. They each know their purpose and fulfill it. They all have a place and no matter how nominal a job may seem, if one person didn’t do their part, the entire community would suffer. They are valuable.

Recently, I spoke with a family friend who shocked me by saying that for years he has felt like he let Mr. Larry down and he stated why. It was sad because Larry is so proud of him. Larry and I don’t value a person by the job they have. We value them by how well they do their job. By integrity. We know we all have a place and being content is difficult when things aren’t what you thought they would be.

Never negate where you are in life.

Also, keep in mind our purpose in life changes. I had a job when I was younger, for three weeks. I hated that job, but I realized within that first week, I wasn’t there for me. I was there to be supportive of another employee that needed someone to lean on. When, in the third week, she made the decision, packed her bags, and left her abusive boyfriend to move back in with her parents two states over, my position was suddenly “alleviated” (Basically I was fired **insert laughy face here…for real**🤣🤣) Here’s the weird part, I still felt the rejection over being let go, even though I hated that job and felt like I had done what I needed to do there.

Rejection sucks, but sometimes (**inserting cliché’**) God closes doors for a reason. He also opens other doors. And hey, let’s face it, sometimes we need to take constructive criticism and not everything is positive, but it can be used positively. Seek wise council on issues and do what you need to do.

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If you are de-valuing yourself today because you aren’t where you think you are ‘supposed’ to be, or you don’t have what others your age have, STOP…You are an integral part of society just by being you. If you haven’t found a purpose yet, that’s okay… it will find you. Just keep walking. Keep going.

And if you are currently fulfilling your purpose and feel like you are right where you are supposed to be, take a humble moment to think of the help you’ve received along the way, often from the very people who feel like they aren’t valuable to society.  

Value yourself.

Value Others.

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