5 Simple Ways 2 Change Your Life in 1 Day

TRIED and true, these five simple tasks will improve your life TODAY!

  1. Pick a positive phrase over your life and repeat it throughout the day. Chose something like: Today my life will change for the better.
  2. Be grateful for what you do have. Find something SIMPLE in your life to be thankful for and think on it throughout the day. A great example is: I am thankful that I have a dollar. If you don’t have a dollar, be thankful that tomorrow you will.
  3. Remove something negative out of your life to make a place for something positive to fill it, even something as small as the old pillow on your couch that you can’t afford to replace right now. The one that makes you have negative feelings about not being able to replace it. Get rid of it.
  4. Perform a random act of kindness. That dollar? Spend it on someone else, even if it’s by leaving it under someone’s windshield at the store. That one dollar may be the ONE they were thankful for yesterday.
  5. Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and take four deep breaths. With each one think “I am better than I was yesterday.” Then take four more as you think, “I will be better tomorrow.”

These sound too simple to work, but they do! Speaking positivity into your life is underrated! Try it today!

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